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Wool Pellets

Wool Pellets

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Our keystone product is pelletized sheep wool to be used as a renewable, all-natural plant 
soil amendment/fertilizer.

In soil, wool pellets:
  • Slowly release nitrogen for plant use
  • Hold more than 3 times their weight in water to help reduce the frequency you need to water
  • Biodegrade in soil in ~6 months

Our wool is 100% locally sourced from a sheep shearing crew right down the road from us which reduces our carbon footprint associated with transportation. We also use compostable packaging to keep our product as eco-friendly as possible.

Instructions for use:

  • The 1 pound bag is good for 2-3 potted plants, indoor or outdoor (see guideline in pictures)
  • The 3 pound bag is good for a small raised garden bed (2' x 4') or 3-4 potted plants
Contact us if you're looking for a larger amount of wool pellets, we can coordinate local pick up or delivery! 
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