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Wool Pellets

Wool Pellets

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Our keystone product is sheep wool pellets. We take underutilized sheep wool, that can't be used to make clothing or yarn, and turn it into pellets to be easily applied as a renewable, all-natural plant soil amendment/fertilizer.

When mixed in the soil, wool pellets:
  • Slowly release nitrogen, potassium, and other micronutrients for plant growth and health
  • Hold more than 3 times their weight in water to help reduce the frequency you need to water
  • Biodegrade in soil in ~6 months

Sheep wool pellets provide a safe, natural, and LOCAL alternative to other fertilizers. They nurture plants of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Our wool is 100% locally sourced from a sheep shearing crew right down the road from our ranch in south central Nebraska. Sourcing local wool reduces our carbon footprint associated with transportation and keeps the money in our rural economies. We also use compostable packaging to keep our product as eco-friendly as possible.

Instructions for use: 

Mix wool pellets into the soil at an application rate of 2-5% of the soil volume. This equates to 1 pound per 10 sq ft or 1/2 cup to 1 cup of wool pellets per gallon of soil.  Please refer to the guideline in pictures above to see how many wool pellets are needed for common pot sizes. Make sure to decrease how much you water if you're using them in indoor potted plants, wool pellets hold water for much longer than you're used to!

  • The 1-pound bag is good for one 2'x4' raised garden bed, 10 sq ft of garden, or 3 gallons worth of soil. 
  • The 3-pound bag is good for one 4'x8' raised garden bed, 30 sq ft of garden, or 12 gallons worth of soil.
  • The 10-pound bag is good for three 4'x8' raised garden beds, 100 sq ft of garden, or 40 gallons worth of soil. Note: the 10-pound bags are not compostable
  • The 20-pound bag is good for six 4'x8' raised garden beds, 200 sq ft of garden, or 80 gallons worth of soil. Note: the 20-pound bags are not compostable

Store wool pellets in a cool, dry environment.

Email us at if you're looking for a larger amount of wool pellets, we have bulk pricing for 25+ pounds! (Note: there will be a shipping fee for bulk orders)

We can ship our wool pellets anywhere in the USA. Please contact us if you are looking outside the USA and we can get you a list of wool pellet manufacturers in your country.
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