Wool pellets as a slug repellent

Wool pellets as a slug repellent

You've just spent all day planting out all of your veggies and are excited for a bountiful harvest all summer long, when all of the sudden you notice something munching on your freshly planted lettuce!! It's the dreaded garden pest, the slug! How dare it eat your fresh veggies, those are reserved for you. Now you're scrambling to look for natural remedies to repel these rascals and you come across wool pellets!

How do you use wool pellets to repel slugs? 

It's really simple! Mulch a 6 inch radius of wool pellets around your tasty plant and water, it's that easy! Wool has a unique structure where it has little barbs (it looks like overlapping fish scales) that slugs hate to crawl over.

There are other methods out there to naturally repel slugs, but most don't also have added benefits like wool pellets! In addition to acting as a pest prevention, wool pellets also:

  • Slowly release nitrogen, potassium, and other micronutrients for plant health and growth
  • Hold more than 3x their weight in water to reduce how frequently you need to water
  • Biodegrade in 6 months when in contact with the soil
  • Supports American sheep producers

To purchase wool pellets, visit our website krpelletco.com, we can ship anywhere in the US. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Here's to a pest free (or at least less pests) gardening season!
Megan ❤

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