Kestrel Ridge Pellet Company, LLC

We’re so glad you're here! Our main goal is to support our local agriculture. Agriculture is understood by few but necessary for all. Please follow along on our pelletizing journey to see how we as a community can assist farmers and ranchers to promote a sustainable, healthy food system!


Do you want to contribute to our mission of supporting American sheep producers, but... 

Supporting the American Sheep Industry

You’re probably wondering “Isn’t wool better used for socks and sweaters?” You’re not wrong, but most sheep in the Midwest don’t produce that high-quality fiber. Local ranchers make most of their revenue off of lamb sales, not wool. Nevertheless, their sheep still need to be shorn every year, but sheep producers might only get $0.50/sheep fleece (if they can sell it at all) and the cost of shearing is around $7/sheep. This can result in a loss of several thousand dollars depending on the size of the sheep flock!

Our solution: WOOL PELLETS!

We are purchasing this second-rate wool at a higher price to create a market for it and to help offset the cost of shearing for the sheep producers. We then process this wool into pellets that can easily be applied as a sustainable, all-natural plant soil amendment/fertilizer.

Support your local sheep industry by purchasing wool pellets today!