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nourish your soil, nurture your plants

Discover the wonderful world of wool pellets! We’re so glad you’re here. Follow along on our wool pellet journey to see how we as a community can assist farmers and ranchers to promote a sustainable, healthy food system. Together, we can work with nature to nourish the soil!

Why wool pellets for your plants?

This is going to blow your mind! When mixed into soil, wool pellets:

-slowly release nitrogen, potassium, and other micronutrients essential for plant growth and health
-hold more than 3X their weight in water to help reduce how frequently you need to water
-repels slugs and snails
-biodegrade in 6 months

Wool pellets provide an eco-friendly and local alternative
to nurture plants of all shapes, sizes, and purposes


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Supporting the American Sheep Industry

You might be thinking “Isn’t wool better used
for clothing and yarn?” You’re not wrong, but most sheep in the Midwest
don’t grow fine wool needed for high-quality fabrics. Nevertheless, these sheep
need to be shorn every year for welfare reasons. However, their wool is often
of so little value that the price sheep producers sell it for usually doesn’t even
cover the cost of shearing. We’ve heard of producers trying to bury or burn
their wool just to get rid of it. It's disheartening because wool is truly a
remarkable fiber that has many beneficial properties beyond clothing.

Our solution: WOOL PELLETS!

We are purchasing this second-rate wool at a higher price to create a market for it
and to help offset the cost of shearing for the sheep producers.
We then process this wool into pellets that can easily be applied as a
renewable, all-natural plant soil amendment/fertilizer.

In addition to using wool from our own sheep flock, we are fortunate to work with a
sheep shearing crew right down the road to source my wool, so all my wool
comes from within a 200-mile radius of our ranch based in south central Nebraska.
Sourcing local wool reduces our carbon footprint due to transportation while
ensuring money is kept in our rural economies.

Support the American sheep industry by purchasing wool pellets today!