Our Story

We’ve been fortunate to live in and experience a few different sheep production environments in the U.S. before settling down here in south central Nebraska and finally raising a few sheep of our own. While looking for something to do with our wool, we saw a problem with the market for second-rate wool. Most sheep producers in the Midwest don't have the breed types and/or production environments that favor high-quality fiber for use in clothing. Nevertheless, these sheep need to be shorn every year, but their wool is often of so little value that whatever price they sell it for doesn't even cover the cost of shearing. With few markets for their wool, many sheep producers resort to burying or burning it just to get rid of it. This is disheartening because wool has remarkable properties, with applications beyond clothing, that took humanity thousands of years of selection to achieve. We wanted to find a product that utilizes this second-rate wool to mutually benefit local sheep producers and a healthy food system. Our solution is simple: wool pellets! We are pelletizing this otherwise wasted wool so that it can be easily applied as a sustainable, all-natural fertilizer/soil amendment. Thank you for finding your way here, we can't wait to show you the magic of wool!