Why I chose the Kestrel for my company name

Why I chose the Kestrel for my company name

Like me, the American Kestrel calls the Great Plains home. These landscapes are well known for their relentless wind, volatile weather, and short order 80-degree temperature swings. The only accurate prediction is variability. One year may bring catastrophic floods and the next, an immense drought and devastating, widespread wildfires. Why would anyone want to call this place home? To me, the Kestrel epitomizes what success in this challenging environment looks like; it represents resilience and determination. Weighing in at just 4 ounces, the American Kestrel is the smallest falcon in North America. Fortune on these windswept prairies is not a given event to the biggest and strongest, it's earned by the ones willing to put in the work and adjust to the unpredictability. Like the Kestrel, my company is small but mighty! In a world that often overlooks the little guys, I'm proving that you can't count out the small businesses.

For thousands of years, the common thread among the most successful humans, animals, and plants of the Great Plains is grit. Life here is not easy, but for those with enough determination and foresight, Mother Nature will eventually show her graciousness. Together, we can work with nature to nourish the soil by using wool pellets.

My best,
Megan ❤

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