wool pellets sustainability mission

Our wool pellet sustainability mission

Here at Kestrel Ridge Pellet Company, we strive to be as sustainable as possible!  Below are our main eco-friendly pillars:

sheep grazing

In addition to using wool from our own sheep flock, we work with a sheep shearing crew right down the road from us, so all our wool is from within a 200-mile radius of our ranch based in south central Nebraska. Sourcing local wool reduces our carbon footprint associated with transportation while ensuring money is kept in the surrounding rural economies. The Midwest is the breadbasket of the US, but its rural communities are declining while its food deserts expand. We want to do our part to to remedy this by putting more money back into the pocket of the family-run sheep operations while also helping create a healthy food system.

wool pellets in compostable packaging with sheep in background

We also use compostable packaging to keep our wool pellets as environmentally friendly as possible. We didn't want to provide you with a wonderful renewable fertilizer and then put it in one of the most unrenewable resources (plastic!) No thank you, so we use a resealable compostable bag and labels. Here's why compostable packaging is one of the best alternatives to petroleum-based plastics:

  • Sourced from wood cellulose and other bio-based resins.
  • Non-toxic packaging ensures products are not damaged or wasted.
  • At the end of its life, it is composted and used to enrich the soil.

So once you're done with your wool pellets, you can put the package directly into your home compost and mix or if your city has industrial composting, you can take it there too.

sheep walking through pasture

Sheep wool is a renewable resource, naturally and continuously grown throughout the year as sheep harvest sunlight and forages. Incorporating wool pellets into the soil helps complete the carbon cycle.

By choosing our wool pellets, you're choosing a sustainable product that works with nature to nourish your soil. Thank you for helping us make the earth a better place!

If you'd like to purchase wool pellets, you can buy them on our website. 

My best,
Megan ❤

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