February Ranch Update

February Ranch Update

Things are pretty slow on the ranch right now. We feed the ewes and rams a mix of distiller's grain and eastern red cedar everyday. To see why we're feeding eastern red cedar to our sheep, watch and read the caption of this Instagram reel. We supplement protein in the winter because the sheep's nutritional requirements are higher during the colder months and the ewes are about mid-pregnancy so they need a little extra! We are also bale grazing, so they always have access their hay.

making wool pelletsI have been pelleting wool like crazy! It's a pretty labor intensive job, but we've had some unseasonably warm weather, so it's been nice to have the garage door open, listen to some podcasts, and get some work done. If I haven't thanked you lately for all your support for making this dream come true, THANK YOU! It wouldn't be possible without YOU. I'm so excited you're as excited about wool pellets as I am!

two livestock guardian dogs laying on a hill on a windy dayAnd for our pupdate! We're doing a lot of training with our livestock guardian dogs, Milo and Birdie. They are getting along very well! Birdie's had a few run ins with the electric fence and it's always sad to see her hit it with her wet nose, you know that has to hurt! But she's one tough girl and is still such a sweetheart! Sometimes she likes to annoy her older brother, Milo. But hey, what younger sister doesn't, you know?

sandhill cranes flying over a fieldThe sandhill cranes are back in town! We live in the Platte River Flyway migration route, so we get hundreds of thousands of cranes visit each year. It's really an amazing thing to see! 

We've had some crazy warm weather this February. Towards the end, we had at least one 70 degree F day!! And then the next day it was -5 degrees F with wind chill, so that was definitely a shock to the system. I'm sure the plants are getting whiplash, but they're resilient, so hopefully this spring we get some moisture, so the grasses come up healthy and strong!

Here's to an eventful March!

Megan ❤

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